Friday, May 4, 2012

Vacation of a Lifetime...Nairobi

Needless to say, our foster parent visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was truly life changing.  What an experience I don't think any of us will forget.  When it was time to leave that evening, I just did NOT want to go back to the hotel.  But on the bright side, we did get to go back for the itineraried visit with our entire group and other visitors the next day. 

The keepers only bring the orphans in from the bush once a day, typically around 11:00am.   This is for the tourists.  They lead one group in, have milk time and an educational session with the people looking on. It is a great time for folks to foster an elephant or rhino, make charitable contributions, and/or purchase lovely souvenirs.

Here is a video of a few keepers leading two of the youngest orphans at that time in for their milk. Unfortunately, Sasab (the wee little one) passed away in December.  But it's just too adorable to NOT share with you.

Once they ate, they were led back into the bush and another group of orphans were led in. It was a lovely sight to see. I was so glad to learn that they provided education for the public, which I feel so vital to their success.

Here are a few photos from that morning at Sheldrick:

Leading the youngest back to the bush

Who is leading who?

Rushing to find their keeper for milk

Here is our boy, Kasigau!  Love him!

More proof for you and US that we were actually there. 

He/She just felt like laying down

Someone has an itch

The far right is our other foster, Rombo

The keepers.  Amazing human beings.

A better photo of my baby, Rombo.

Milk time is finished.  Keepers leading the first group back to the bush for the rest of the afternoon.

And last but not least, the wart hogs.  I just loved them. So cute.

Information on the Orphans Project

We bought a few items and soon we had to leave...but my heart was heavy. I just didn't want to leave the elephants. Our travels friends will always share a bond with us because of this experience.
I always try to cross post and promote the work that they selfless people from
Sheldrick do on a daily basis. 

Our next stop?  The Kazuri Bead Factory.

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