Sunday, November 6, 2011

The hubs and I are soon leaving for a trip of a lifetime.  We're heading to Kenya for what they call a 'safari express' tour then off to Istanbul for 3-4 days of exploring.  We're going with a group from Friendly Planet so there are pre-set tours and others that we can pay for while we are there.  Upon researching our trip, I began looking into the places where we are going once we are in Nairobi.  When I googled the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust since it's a stop on our journey, I fell in love.  This place is doing amazing work in Kenya rescuing orphaned elephants and rhinos whose parents fell victim to poaching.  The following is from their facebook page:

'We exist to protect wildlife in Kenya. We are best known for the hand-rearing of orphaned elephants, so that they can return to the wild when grown. Together we can give these orphans new life'
And you should see and read the stories of their orphans.  We wanted to do something here and now.  The Hubs asked me to select a rhino (there are two) and elephant and he would give money to help 'foster' them.  While we both knew hundreds of people were helping to foster them, we felt that every little penny counts.  Introducing our foster babies, Rombo, the elephnat and Maxwell the rhino.
Rombo - you will have to scroll down and find his name amongst the others.

Maxwell - you will have to scroll down and select Rhino Orphans.

We are thrilled to learn that when we visit the orphanage we will be able to see and even maybe meet our foster kids.  I have a feeling it's going to be quite difficult to leave once we are there.  Most of the orphans have quite tragic and dramatic stories.  Elephants are very emotional creatures, so when the calves witness their parents being killed for ivory, they become quite distraught.  It's all very sad to be truthful.  All in the name of ivory.  I could go on and on but I won't because I want you to read the stories for yourself.  And if you're moved, remember,
every dollar counts so make a gift!


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