Monday, January 23, 2012

My Calling

I've always known in the depths of my soul that I am supposed to be helping animals or working with animals in some way, shape or form.  To do this every day would be a dream for me.  But since I can't quit my current job, I can at least start small.  I'll be posting about dogs who need foster homes, FURever homes and everything inbetween.  The animals you will see will all be local to my area in Reading, PA.  I will, however, post other rescue stories, such as the one below, so it will sink in just how important it is to adopt.  And as you will see with the video, sometimes all a dog needs is a hug as you will see from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws

By the way, Orvis is a wonderful company who promotes the adoption of shelter dogs.  I just love them.

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