Friday, April 27, 2012

Recovery...and Then Some

Recover has not been easy. The first couple of days after surgery were rough.  My back was sore and the sciatic nerve pain was unbearable.  I was using a walker to get around and, I'm about to get very personal, if I actually made it to the bathroom and had success in the bathroom, it was the highlight of my day.  If you've never taken percocet before, it makes you constipated and that is just no fun at all.  I tried everything from colace to mirilax to a 'smooth going' tea.  It was finally the mirilax that helped to get my system running normally.  If I was successful in the bathroom, it was a good day.  I know that was more information than you really wanted to know but what can you do.  It's the truth!

What I did not expect was the way both of our dogs, Boris and Milo handled me and the situation.  They 100% knew their mommy was down and out and would not leave my side.  Boris more than Milo but I could tell that he cared. 

The photo below is my absolute favorite. This was the morning after my surgery. With his cheek pressed against my head and his arm on my shoulder, I truly felt my
 Boris nurturing me back to health.

  Todd snapped this one as Boris and I were snoozing.

 Always by me...our souls healing.

My spooning boys. This was still week one and how we spent each morning.
Nothing like waking up to cuddling with Milo and Boris.

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