Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lavina - A Dress by Any Other Name...just wouldn't have been the same!

My dress hung in the big window of my parent's hotel suite with the sunshine illuminating it from behind.  Unfortunately, the photos that I envisioned of that very moment just did not turn out so well but I will post them. 

My dad left to go downstairs to the lobby while I got dressed.  My mom and bridesmaids assisted me into my dress and then it was time to lace the inner corset, zip her up, and button the myriad of buttons down the back.  Lisa and Cheryl worked hard but it was worth it.  Everything felt good.  Nice and secure and within moments I went from a girl wearing a veil and a robe to a bride.  My earrings and 'something borrowed' bracelet were on. The final touch?  My favorite thing of all of my purchases for the wedding.  MY orange shoes!  Yes, that's right.  I said orange shoes. 

Cheryl helped me into those and once I finally stood up, I realized to myself that I've never felt more beautiful.

   We got a few more photos with my girls, then they had to go downstairs to catch the shuttle bus.  It was this moment where the photographer took some photos while I waited with my mom. We got some great photos.

The anticipation was building and it was finally time to go down to the lobby to wait for my brother to pull the car around and for the shuttle bus (with my groom in it) to pull away. 

We waved goodbye to our photographer and loaded ourselves into my Dad's van.  Once we were in and started to drive to Valley Forge National Park for our pre-ceremony photos, we all realized that it was just the four of us (and my darling 1 yr old niece).  My brother, my Mom, my Dad and me.  Just as it had been for the first 15-16 years of my life, it was at that very moment in my life.  The moment stuck a chord within all of us.  It's a memory that I'll never forget.

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