Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Day Morning

The morning went by rather smoothly.  I had an adjoining room to my parents as all of the girls were going to get ready together.  My awesome hair stylist, Zach, came to the hotel by 9am to begin on my hair.  One and 1/2 hours later, the hair was ready to go.  Veil and all.  Then I scootched over to the next seat for my makeup.  Lisa, from M.A.C. was incredible and the outcome was just as I had wanted.  Two important tasks were done and it was nearing 11am. 
I held up pretty good while the hair and makeup was getting done.  I'm a very emotional girl and I was kind of surprised I wasn't crying more but that did come a little later when I saw my dad.  What I was experiencing was nerves...good nerves.  Anticipation.  I remember I kept on doing deep breaths and exhales and just having that pang of excitement in my chest. I also remember pulling myself back into the moment because I wanted to remember it.  It was all so surreal and I just couldn't believe it was my wedding day.
Deep breaths and exhales require some champagne!
People kept knocking and coming in to see us which was nice and not so nice as I just wanted to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at that moment.  You could say I was a little too focused on that but, lol, what can you do?  I was the bride.

My husband to be's wedding day cards arrived via bridesmaid.  I started to slightly freak as I, Miss Never Forget Anything, forgot to sign my love's cards to send up to him in his room.  I quickly did and off they went.

Around 11:30am our awesome and incredible photographers arrived.  Tere and her son, Leo and another photographer who is a part of their team (I apologize as I cannot remember his name) from Tere Schubert Photography. The fun really began as they were quite playful with us whilte attempting to capture moments in time that I will only get to relive by looking at their photos.  I was doing really good, and looked up to see my Dad stepping out from his bedroom dressed in his tux, looking ever so handsome...and I almost lost it. 

 Kristin, my oldest friend from childhood, kept telling me to squeeze my toes.  So there I was squeezing, squeezing, squeezing and while not too many tears escaped down my cheek my eyes definitely welled with tears.

Tere was snapping away to capture moments while Leo was taking video clips. Then it was time.  It was time to put her on.  She caught my eye in July 2009. It was love at first sight and I couldn't wait to put her on...officially. 

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