Monday, January 10, 2011

I've Got A Secret!

I interrupt this scheduled wedding recap with a news announcement.  I joined Weight Watchers.  Yep, me...I did it.  I've been struggling with trying to lose these 10lbs that I've been wanting to take off now for a while.  I do workout, infact, I teach a body pump class, but I don't want to have to workout every day.  Hence, the need and want for a little extra help.

My first WW meeting was on Thursday, January 6th where I got weighed in (weighed less than I had originally thought) and handed several different forms of reading literature.  I've been allotted 29 points each day and at first was a tad overwhelmed because:

  • I don't enjoy cooking
  • I was going to have to cook
  • Did I mention cooking?

I hit the grocery store Friday night with a week of dinner meal's planned and a shopping list.  And I did it! I cooked dinner each night so far and it was gooooooooooooood! Todd even enjoyed each meal.  All of my dinner recipes came straight off of WW eTools.  Quick and easy.  That's how I like my recipes.

Friday night: Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps with Edamame
Saturday night: Turkey Burgers (Jenny O) with Dijon Roasted Potatoes
Sunday night: Beef and Broccoli Stirfry with Brown Rice
I took advantage of the weekend and also cooked a meal in the slow cooker which we will be having tonight: Italian Lentil and Sausage stew! 

And while I just came off a week of insomnia, I fully plan on working out while doing this.  I'm headed to the gym tonight for a run and am so looking forward to it!

I'm on day 4 of my first week and all I can think about is that I won't have lost any weight at my next meeting a mere 3 1/2 days away.  I'll feel terrible if that's the case.  This new way of eating and thinking about the food I'm about to ingest is intriguing.  I've learned that what I thought was an okay portion size of anything from honey in my tea to a side of brown rice was waaaaay too much.  I've been alloted 29 points a day.  When I use of all 29 points, that's it.  No mas.  No more.  Done.  The new PointsPlus program also allots for 49 extra weekly points.  I'm trying very hard to not ust those but I down to 47 because I just had to have one glass of wine.  Hey, I'm only human.

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