Monday, January 10, 2011

Let the Celebrations Begin!

The day before our wedding, I was filled with excitement as this was the day most of our out of town family and friends would be arriving.  My vehicle was packed to brim with everything we would need for rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, and all things wedding for the big day.  Our wedding was 30 minutes from our house and since we were all staying at the hotel for two nights, we decided to hold our rehearsal dinner at the hotel, Courtyard by Marriott which was a stellar idea!  They were very accomodating as well which made things so much easier.

My team consisted of my Dad, Todd's parents, eventually one of my very close friends, Lisa and me to set up the room to perfection.  It looked beautiful.  At this point all we needed to do was get ready and go to rehearsal come back to the hotel to greet our guests and mangia, mangia, mangia!

Rehearsal at Robert Ryan's Columbia Station ran pretty smooth thanks to our awesome Coordinator, Alia. She ran a tight ship which made me feel as if I was to be left in the hands of perfection!  The tables and chairs were out and set up in the ballroom and it just made it that much for real.  Just being there, the night before my wedding day with all of our family and close friends was surreal.

We drove back to the hotel for dinner and to my dismay, I learned that my husband to be had said a thank you and toast to our guests while I ran up to my room to bring down all of the gifts we had for our wedding party.  But, we ate, drank, laughed and cried.  Here are a few photos.

Father Michael
Okay, not brother-in-law

Aunt Darlene, Mira and Mom

Todd's Dad with Jaya

The Grings!

Mira, Me and Fred

Me and my girl!

Kelsey, Me and Mira

Todd and Nick

Mom and Dad with my Aunt and Uncle

Uncle Jim and Me

Teresa and John

Todd and his brothers, Ernie and Michael

Kelsey, Liz and Brianne

Todd and his Dad

Dad and Teresa

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